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Thoughts on Hugo

I've not touched my main site for over a month now, partly because I'm no longer liking the way the Hugo static site generator does things. I miss the ability to type into a text box, hit Publish and have it instantly online. Scribbles, which this site runs on, hits that spot for me without having the management headaches of WordPress.

So I will be mostly posting here for the time being while I decide what to do about paring down the Hugo build process. Moving my main site back to my old web host, which support FTP transfer rather than WebDAV, would also speed up deployment massively.

I don't mind some friction, but the current Hugo setup has too much for my liking.

How web bloat impacts users with slow devices

Very thorough analysis by Dan Luu of how many websites fare (or don't) on lower-spec (and cheap) devices, and the attitudes that have shaped this situation.

I find it hard to escape the conclusion that building a Web that excludes those who cannot afford state-of-the-art technology is a feature, not a bug, and a very intentional one.

2 Tone Music — best viewed on desktop if at all possible, this is a mixture of archive pictures and interview quotes from those involved in the creation of the legendary UK record label that formed in 1979.

Since it's that time of the year...

clears throat

Der Spring is sprung,
Der grass is rizz,
An' me wonders where
Dem boids is?

Dey say dem boids are on the wing.
Now ain't dat a bit absoid?
Fer shurly der wings is upon der boids?

My late father taught me that rhyme. No idea where he heard it from — most likely, an old comedy record or radio show of his childhood years.

🐎 So long, and thanks for all the fish! 🐟